Traditional squared-off wheel arches provide impressive wheel travel.

Six decades ago the world was recovering from a devastating war, and everybody was building four-wheel drive vehicles, from the American Jeep to the British Land Rover and Mercedes’ extraordinary Unimog – and Toyota built the FJ40.

Fast-forward 60 years and Toyota has climbed on to the retro bandwagon with the FJ Cruiser, an unashamed tribute to that first off-roader, but with enough 21st-century attitude to give it some character of its own. [click to continue…]

Latest Mini is lower and sportier than the hatch that forms its basis.

Mini has being straying from its traditional comfort zone of late with a rapidly expanding model line-up that even includes a pretend-SUV that’s only really ‘mini’ in name.

Luckily the latest expansion to the range is far more in tune with the marque’s sporting heritage, even if it is the first ever Mini two-seater.

This new Mini Coupé, which has just been officially unveiled in production form, looks almost identical to the concept car of 2009 that shared its name, barring its flatter boot and a few other trim details. [click to continue…]

Mada5 and its curvaceous lines, labelled Nagare by the Japanese, which means to flow. Apt, no?

There’s a steep dirt road, strewn with loose rocks, that winds its way from the Witsiehoek resort up and up for 7km to the Sentinel car park at the base of Mont-Aux Source in the Drakensberg. So when the chap and his wife arrived at the car park in their dusty Nissan Navara, he was feeling pretty good, exploring Africa and all that. That is, until he turned and saw the equally dusty Mazda5, loaded with two mountain bikes and luggage for a long weekend. Guess it spoilt his day a bit …. [click to continue…]

The Volkswagen Amarok single cab will make its South African debut at the 2011 Nampo Harvest Day in Bothaville, North West on May 17.

Nearly 2500 Amarok double-cabs have been sold in South Africa since its launch here in 2010, and now the single cab versions will complete the model range when retail starts early in July.

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Not groundbreaking, but it is styled to please.

“Radical, daring and assertive” says Citroën of its third modern vehicle to wear the legendary DS nameplate. Even its unveiling is taking place at a non-traditional venue, that being the Shanghai Motor Show in China.

While nowhere near as radical as the original DS that stunned the world at the Paris Motor Show in 1955, a car described by philosopher Roland Barthes as having “fallen from the sky”, the DS5 is still likely to hit a sweet spot with its rather elegant design with sporting overtones. [click to continue…]